Welcome to Arabic 5! (2017-18)

As-salamu alaikum Arabic 5 Class!

My name is Amira Quraishi, and I am excited to be teaching your kids this year at ICBW.  They are wonderful!  It looks like it is going to be a fun class.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t be with them for the first two sessions; I had obligations for my real job at Wellesley College, but in sha Allah I’ll be with the kids from now on. My hope is that the kids enjoy themselves in class and start to feel confidence in their Arabic skills.  I really want them to have a positive experience, so they will always want to pursue learning more. 

1. ABOUT THE BOOKS: We will be finishing the last three chapters of Book 3 (the pink one from last year), starting with chapter 14, while we wait for copies of book 4 to arrive. 

2.  COMMUNICATION: Check your email inboxes for summaries of the material covered in the last class. See below for how to navigate this class webpage.


  • 1. bring in completed homework
  • 2. bring dry erase pen for writing tablets in class
    3. bring book 3 textbook to class
  • 4. practice reading aloud the assigned dialogue


    Reading Fluency: I’d like the students to practice their fluency with basic phonetics with this website. It is very user-friendly. Just have your child work through a lesson a week.  Let me know how long they spend on the site, if it is helpful, and if the kids like to use it.  http://www.arabic-alphabet.org/arabic-lessons-3/lesson-20/

  • mastering sun and moon letters in reading aloud
    Grammar possessive pronouns (mine, yours, his/hers), demonstrative pronouns (hadha/hadhihi), conjuating verbs: past, present, command forms. 
5. CLASS WEBPAGE: The Navigation Bar on the left contains folders for material covered in Arabic 3 and 4. Please click on the dropdown arrow next to "Welcome to Arabic 5 (2016-17)" to find the subpages for this year's class:

A -- Weekly Assignments -- Lists homework assignments, quizzes, and other class plans, by class date.
B -- Lessons & Worksheets -- Contains lesson materials and homework worksheets.

   See this website to learn more about what experts say about learning a language. I will try to model these recommendations for our class.

Please tell me if you have any problems finding or accessing materials here.