السلام عليكم 

Welcome to the new school year 2018-2019!

Our objectives this year:

üImprove reading fluency 

 üLearn new words

 üReview/Learn new grammar rules: 

-      pronouns

-      Verbs in present, past, imperative tense

-      Subject and object in the Arabic language

-      Type of sentences in the Arabic language (nominal vs verbal sentences), 

-      Singular, dual and plural forms of nouns 

 üBuild simple sentences using the new words and proper grammar rules

Understand and memorize in Arabic and English 3 Surats:  Al kafirun ,  Al feel, Quraich


 “I learn Arabic” text book level 3, chapters 8 to 16

“I learn Arabic” workbook level 3, chapters 8 to 16

 Spelling book level 3, chapters 8 to 16