Dear parents and students

My name is Rachida Kebichi and I am going to be your teacher this year. We will be using book 4 of JSF series (Jeunesse sans frontieres). We will start from the beginning since this book was not covered last year. And it does not help if I only teach them the 2nd half. So we have a lot to do, so please make sure your kids attend as many classes as they can, and ask for help when your child misses a class.

The supplies needed are:
- a notebook
- a sharpened pencil
- both books: text and exercises

The grading policy is simple:

- tests and quizzes: 50%
- homework: 30%
- participation: 20%

We do one quiz at the end of each chapter, on top of homework of course.
Towards the end of school year, I will assign a researh project (individual work) , about a topic of general interest. For example last year, we did muslim scientists. 

Looking forward to a year full of excitement around learning the language of Quran and discovering all its beauty.


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