Welcome to Arabic 6&7


Thank you parents for visiting our class last Sunday 09/23. Hope you had some idea about the curriculum for level 6 and 7. I have attached the detailed curriculum for both levels under handouts tab. Let me know if you have any question.

Dear parents and students

    My name is Rachida Kebichi and I am going to be teaching Arabic 6&7 this year. We will be using book 4 & 5 of JSF series (Jeunesse sans frontieres). 

The supplies needed are:
- a notebook
- a sharpened pencil
- textbook and workbook

The grading policy is simple:

- tests and quizzes: 50%
- homework: 30%
- participation: 20%

Towards the end of school year, I will assign a research project, about a topic of general interest. 

Looking forward to a year full of excitement around learning the language of Quran and discovering all its beauty.