Study guide for May 21, 2017 final exam

You Final EXAM Part I is available





This is the help you prepare for the final exam which will be given on May 14 and May 21.  We will have reviews on May 7 and May 14.  


  1. Dictation and vocabulary:

    • Responsible for all the words and sentences we took from the first class up  and thru April 30th class.

  2. How to write numbers 1---99

  3. Means of transportations Page 14

  4. Occupations (Page 18): Your mother, your father, and your family members. ( how to ask questions and answer them using the example on page 19)

  5. Question tools: to ask simple questions and answer them.

  6. Vocabulary: Both English to Arabic  and vice versa.

    • Opposites

    • Objectives

  7. Head and face parts

  8. The selection of verbs from reading articles and making simple sentences  (فعل، فاعل، ومفعول به)