Welcome to Arabic level 7 2017

Greeting to all students and parents. My name is Mayada and I will be the 7th grade Arabic teacher for this year (2017/2018).  I would like to welcome all of you to the new Sunday school year filled with positive learning experience and fun time for our kids.

Please I strongly encourage both students and parents alike to participate, suggest, and inspire the learning process of our kids inside and outside the class room.  All feedback is highly encouraged and appreciated to improve and facilitate the learning path for this year and the years to come Insh'Allah.

The following information is a summary of this year core platform of the curriculum format that the students will be covering.

  1. Reading:  Will include WEEKLY paragraph reading materials.

  2. Vocabulary and dictation:  5 to 10 words of new meanings and spelling WEEKLY

  3. Simple concept of grammar to assist in forming a sentence and a future conversation construction.

  4. Knowing the concept of: nouns, adjectives, verbs, question tools, names of the weekdays, greetings, and numbering systems.

We will have 14 Sundays to cover the above materials for the fall session.  We will be using book number 5 of (I Love Arabic Language and Learning it).  We will be covering the FIRST FOUR UNITS of the book. 

PLEASE BE INFORMED that the students will have weekly assigned homework. Please make sure to follow up on the Sunday school web page or in the student notebook for their weekly homework.   Feel free to contact me personally for any needed assistance, question, and/or clarifications regarding homework or teaching materials.