Assalam Alaikum Parents,

Things we have covered so far:
  • Surah Al Kawsar in arabic, meaning of each verse, lesson from each verse.
  • Azan-call to prayer in arabic,  meaning of each line, lesson from each line and response to each line.
  • We have gone through the arabic reading of both of these in class by writing the verses and lines, you can check their class notes for that.
What I will take in the exam:
  • The students have to recite from memory both Surah Al Kawsar and The azan.
  • For Azan I will ask them for the response also of each line.
  • I will ask them to recognize an arabic line from these 2 items and read it. Then tell me the meaning also.
  • There will be no writing test for the exam.
To prepare please include the following and also you know best how you can prepare them well for the exam:
  • For Surah Al Kawsar Please use Juz Amma book that the school has provided for the students for 3rd grade.
  • For Azan please use the document that I have uploaded. 
  • Make them read the lines and recognize letter by letter.