Welcome To Religon 3A 2018-19

Assalam Alaikum and welcome to the new school year. My name is Arafat-e-Jahan Kosturi. I will be teaching religion to grade 3 students. The goal for teaching religion to the students of class 3 is to refine the memory of the pillars of Islam, five prayers and the steps of the prayers, prayer times, preparation for praying, and few surahs critical for praying. Additionally, students will be learning about manners and responsibilities, stories and lifestyle of different prophets, and practicing Tashahud which is not in the curriculum. Tashahud will be practiced in class only to help students perform the prayers more accurately.
This is my second year of teaching in ICB school. I am excited to be the lead teacher for your fabulous children. I prefer not to provide homework for the students. We will be covering most of the lessons in class along with some fun activities. Students will also be earning class-parties based on their team performance in class. Occasionally, they will be asked to discuss or do some independent activity at home just a reminder of their responsibility to Sunday school. Students also will be receiving a folder along with syllabus and other resources materials. It will be helpful if they bring the folder and the resource materials every-time they come to school. I will be providing any writing utensils to reduce prep time for students.  
Parents will be receiving an email from me with the updates from each class. If any question or concerns, parents are welcome to contact me via my personal email kostu_jaaahan@yahoo.com or also can stop by before or after second period.