Assalam Alaikum and welcome to the new school year. This year we will focus on values and the fundamental principles of Islam through class discussion and activities. 
Each class will begin with attendance and a Dua. The main portion of the class will consist of a lecture paired with an interactive application of the material. The last ten minutes of each class will focus on teaching the students about the importance of Salah, and the correct way to pray. 

The format of this course emphasizes in class engagement instead of intensive homework in order to maximize understanding and retention. While assigned homework will be rare, we encourage parents to ask the student about what they learned and maintain a dialogue about the topic throughout the week. That being said, participation in class is very important and will count for 10% of the final grade. Complete immersion in the class requires the student to be prepared every Sunday with their textbooks, a pencil, a notebook, and a smile :) 

We are looking forward to a great year Inshallah!!