Assalamu Alaikum Parents


Welcome to Level 5A Religion.


A new Sunday school year is upon us, Alhamdullilah and we pray that it will be a fruitful, fun and exciting learning year for all. It was very nice meeting some of your children today, and Masha'Allah they are a very friendly, articulate and pleasant group. I am looking forward to guiding and teaching them, in sha Allah.

The class website will be our communication tool to share class information, homework assignments and notes for parents.  I will post all homework, and other related info on the website.


"I Love Islam Level 5" is the textbook we will use and if there are any other handouts I will give them out in class. For memorization, please use the Qur’aan or any other book or app that has the surahs in it. Listening to the surahs really helps with tajweed(correct pronunciation).

The 3 surahs for this year are:

  1. Surah Al Inshirah/Al-Sharh(94)
  2. Surah Duha(93)
  3. Surah Thakathur(102)

We will also be memorizing Dua Qunoot, prayed in salatul witr in the Esha prayer.


HW comprises only of reading the assigned chapter/s and surah memorization. There will be no written HW. Quizzes will be given after completion of each unit, plus the midterm exam and final exam.


Please ask your children to attend class with a binder/spiral notebook and pen or sharpened pencils. 


Please let me know if you will be available to help out in the classroom or for subbing occasionally. Please also respond to this email acknowledging receipt.


If you have any question, please contact me at religion5-a@icbwayland.org or visit our website http://school.icbwayland.org/religion5a-2011