Sept. 4, 2016: Start of school. Introductions, Reviewed topics of study.
Sept. 11, 2016: No School: Eid-ul-Adha
Sept 18, 2016: Imam Fahmy's lecture about Hajj
Sept. 25, 2016: Unit A, chapter 1. Reviewed Articles of Faith and discussed belief in Al-Qadar.
Oct. 2, 2016Completed discussion on Al-Qadar. Read Unit A, Chapter 2.
Oct. 9, 2016: Completed Unit A Chapter 3. Started review of Chapters 4 & 5. 
Homework: Read Unit A, Chapters 4 & 5.
Oct. 16, 2016:  Reviewed Unit A, Chapters 6 &7.  Recited verses 1 & 2 of Sura al-Mulk  for memorization.
Oct. 23, 2016:  Reviewed Unit A, Chapter 8, Lessons 1 & 2.  Assigned the following Homework (#1)- will be collected on Nov. 7.
A. List Pillars of Islam in proper order      B. List Articles of Faith in proper order     C. Sabr or Patience, quality of a believer (why and how)
D. Shukr or Thankfulness, quality of a believer (why and how)
Oct. 30, 2016:  The class participated in serving food to the homeless at Lutheran Peace Church, Wayland. 
Nov. 6, 2016:  Reviewed Unit A, Chapter 8, Lesson 4. 
Nov. 13 2016: The class attended discussion in prayer hall on post-election challenges and opportunities.
Nov. 20, 2016:  Started Unit B, Chapter one. Recited sura Al-Mulk verses 1-5 for memorization.  Homework- Read Unit B, chapter two.
Nov. 27, 2016:  Dec. 11, 2016:- Thanksgiving Day.
Dec. 4, 2016:  Plan to complete Unit B , Chapter two. Prepare for Midterm Test.
Dec. 11, 2016: Midterm Test - Subjects covered in Units A & B. Pillars of Islam, Article of Faith. Sabr (Patience) and Shukr (Thankfulness). Prophets John and Jesus and their missions.
Dec. 18, 2016: Completed Midterm Test. Reviewed Unit B  Chapters 1 & 2.
Dec. 25, 2016: NO SCHOOL
Jan 1, 2017: NO SCHOOL.
Jan 8, 2017: Did not start Unit C due to poor attendance. Reviewed Unit B again. Discussed miraculous births of Jesus and John the Baptist.
Jan 15, 2017:  Started Unit C, Chapter 1. 
Jan 22, 2017:  Continued  Unit C,  Completed Chapter 2. 
Jan 29, 2017:  Continued  Unit C,  Completed Chapter 3. Recited verses 1-10 of sura Al-Mulk for memorization.
Feb. 5, 2017:  Continued  Unit C, Chapter 4.
Feb 12, 2017: The class attended Religion Level 9 Presentation.
Feb. 19, 2017: NO SCHOOL.
Feb 26, 2017: The class attended talk on US Constitution Bill of Rights.
March 5, 2017:  Reviewed first three chapters of Unit C and started Chapter 4.  Homework:   Why the births of John the Baptist (PBUH) and Jesus are considered miraculous events?      What were their missions? How did their missions end? What honors and virtues of Jesus are mentioned in the Quran? This HW will be collected on March 19, 2017.
March 12, 2017:  Completed Unit C.
March 19, 2017:  Substitute Teacher not available.
March 26, 2017: Poor Attendance. Reviewed previously covered material.
April 2, 2017: Reviewed Farewell Sermon of the Prophet. Assigned homework #3 due April 23.
April 9, 2017: Started Unit D. Class attended Level 10 presentation on social justice in Islam.
April 16, 2017: NO SCHOOL.
April 23, 2017: Started Unit D, Chapter 1.  Homework:  Read the provided history of the life of the Prophet and prepare a summary of three pages maximum. Individuals to work with the assigned team members. This last homework is due May 7.
April 30, 2017:  Students worked on the above Homework Project in three teams.  Read the provided history of the life of the Prophet and prepare a summary of three pages maximum. This homework is due May 7.
May 7, 2017: Completed Unit D, Chapter 2. Students worked on their project. 
May 14, 2017: Reviewed textbook up to Unit D, Chapter 2 in preparation for the Final Test. 
May 21, 2017: Final Test.