I am really excited to be teaching religion 9 and hoping to have a wonderful year with you! 

I will be using an online site called edmodo.com for all assignments, collection of assignments and keeping parents informed. 

Your parents can get these updates once they follow instructions sent to them in an email from me. If they are not getting my emails please contact me at farah@sayeed.com so we can sort this out.

Also, as my students, you need to sign up on edmodo.com. Again, instructions can be found in the email I sent to your parents. If you prefer I email the instructions directly to you, please email me at farah@sayeed.com

This year, my TA will be Alishah Khan. I am excited to have Alishah assist me in managing your class.

I worked best with text. Please text me at the phone number provided to your parents in an email.

Sr. Farah Abbas.